Guiding biblically-faithful singles to find biblically-faithful spouses

Dominion Dating was founded by Brandon Durham, in partnership with Lighthouse Digital. At age 36, after 10+ years of online dating, Brandon met his future wife Amanda on a Christian dating site. Four months and two international trips later, Brandon and Amanda married. You can hear more of their international love story, and the story of Dominion Dating, on our main website »

The problem

Conventional dating sites market “dating” as a recreational activity, or even a lifestyle—and they’re banking on you not getting married.

So-called “Christian” dating sites are just a niche version of this larger business model. Because they are focused on making money, and they only make money if their users stay on their dating treadmill, they fail to deliver for believers who are serious about marriage. These sites are swamped with culturally-conformed Christians who are just wordlings with a religious varnish.

Dominion Dating is dramatically different. We are first and foremost a ministry dedicated to helping biblically-faithful singles marry well. Our mission is literally marriage reformation: to guide biblically-faithful singles to find biblically-faithful spouses, in pursuit of the command that God gave man when he created them: “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and exercise dominion over it.”

This is the basis of our business, and how we measure its success. Not with dollars.

Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” We know, first hand, how devastating a prolonged season of singleness can be. Our founder spent more than 10 agonizing years navigating the uncharted waters of modern online dating.

Our team is taking that experience, with its many frustrations, disappointments, and lessons learned, and we’re combining it with biblical and pastoral wisdom—to build the dating pool and process that you’ve been waiting for.


We believe pursuing marriage locally, through your church and personal networks, should come first.

However, with so many churches and Christians confused on biblical marriage and sexuality, it is increasingly necessary for many singles to look beyond their local context for a godly spouse.

To succeed at this, many godly singles need someone to go the distance for them. Just as Eleazar went the distance for Isaac in Genesis 24, we go the distance for you to connect you with other godly singles.

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Guiding biblically-faithful singles to find biblically-faithful spouses


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